Coats cdnt.

Ok,i was hope i will present tones of hair and other goodies ,but seems Second life is still against me today,so just few pics I was able to make for you :)                                                                                                                
This Military Red coat comes from BaLac either,as group gift ,comes in male size but its resizable and easy to adjuste .

Skin :La Crima  July group gift
Shorts/Tattoo :Beautyfull,Dirty, Rich-Hotter Than You-old group  gift
 Hair, lashes and sneackers: Edelstore


Second life isn't very friendly for me today ,ghrrrr...
Extreme lagging (almost )prevented me to make (good) pics,lol
  1. First item  I wanna present to  you is white coat from:  BaLac (lucky board)-belive or not ,it looks much better inworld :0
Shape :Tanya (DIMH old hunt gift), Skin:La Crima :June group gift