Shape:Silhouette,Deidre (old opening gift )
Skin: Diavolicious, Allie Queen of the night Freebiesowo
Hair:Say brown 07[e]
Outfit (including sunglasses&shoes with hud ) (1L):here

Yummy - Cupcakes ,some funny stuff :)

Blue &pink cupcake available at MDL
(not free) - 25L
Chocolate "make up": MDL (not free) -20L
Shape&Skin :(x.x) DB Beauty Skin 4 shudder (old gift -place not available )
Eyes :Toxic Bish :camp chair 
Hat&Hair :Year of the bunnie hat ,also ; Leg warmers : (group gift)Curious Kitties
Sandals :Low designer spotlight group gift,now available in Midnight Mania